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I am Scott J. Compton and My background encompasses biology and technology. My specialty knowledge is related to in circadian biology, epigenetics, quantum mechanics, cold thermogenesis, and the latest mitochondrial-related scientific literature. Also, as a AAA+ video game designer of 23+ years, I have many methods to help your children find fun away from screens using design philosophy and game-techniques at the table or in nature. I created this company to help give you healthier environments and help your children find additional activities to reduce Technology-time.

For the past decade, I have been investigating properties as a self-trained EMR Specialist (Electromagnetic Radiation) with my EMF meters and tools. I have in-depth skills in Building Biology and  understanding healthy environments. I actively read Scientific Journals and consult with doctors and scientists on the latest research. I deeply understand ways to mitigate our modern technologies and our infrastructure.  I am available to investigate your issues at your home or office.

My Specialized Tools for Environments

I have many tools at my disposal to discover what environmental hazards may be around. I have many types of EMF meters and devices to measure Dirty Electricity (DE), RF/Microwave Frequencies, Electric and Magnetic fields (including sweeping fields across landscapes) and stray voltage they may be influencing biological systems. I also can measure radioactivity with a Geiger counter and spot-check other hazards that may be present, including outside of the home and using online resources.

I am not a doctor, so I do not diagnose people. I diagnose environments for an individual's epigenetics. I am able to provide the missing clues and awareness about the synergies health can be sabotaged. I have an extensive knowledge-base that crosses and overlaps a wide range of Scientific disciplines. I will help you find the knowledge you seek, problem-solve the issues unique to your situation and back it up with science.


Lifestyles Approaches

Our Biological Cycles
Our daily cycles influence health and energy levels adversely. Let me walk you through all of the synergies that the science reveals as to why you may be damaging your health, mitochondria and speeding the aging processes.
Tech & Toxins
Mitigation of subtle and insidious toxins or tech-use, which could be at the root of a synergy of problems. I am well-rounded with possible sources, especially with nnEMFs (non-native Electro-magnetic fields and frequencies.
Fatigue & Lethargy
More people are not able to sleep well and cannot find solutions. It is often synergistic in the influences, not just about diet.
FatLoss & Obesity
I understand, in-depth, the mitochondrial dynamics with our Cytochrome units for tapping fat over carbs. My lifestyle approaches have shed me from 300 pounds in the past to a normal bodyfat % at 180 pounds. My biohacking methods are unique and diverse.
Stress & Mitochondria
Redox Potential and our ability to manage oxidative stressors in our lives appears to be the greatest keys to maintain wellness. Having decades in knowledge and the application of these mechanics and processes, I can provide the insights you may be missing.
Our Children and Screen Weaning
As a parent myself, I have many strategies in place for our children's health. Due to their accelerated cell growth, there are many insights and simple approaches to help take back their health from the continual stress and illness we have been experiencing in our modern world. I have helped to reduce addictive patterning with some of my approaches as well.
As an important approach to Technology Hygiene, you can  enroll in a Screen Wean Class to help your child learn super-engaging activities to reduce Screen-Time.


"Scott is bringing logic back with his astute observations of where we're at in society, and how we can get back to living within our design. Check him out!"

— Dr. Debra Gambrell



Screen Wean Classes! You can book a 3-hour Screen Wean Class to work with both you and your children. I have created a one-of-a-kind Specialty Class to improve your child's neurological development to get away from the screen. Many of the techniques I use involve actual progression mechanics found in games to encourage behavioral changes away from screen-time and encourage table-time with more movement and hand-exercises. I also involve the child's interests, including props, dice, legos, toys and much more. At times, I rent out a room locally with several parents and their children for Group discounts of 3+ children. I need 3 hours minimum for the interactive class.
EMF Assessments. A Standard EMF Assessment tracks down the major problems and as much of the details as possible in 90 minutes for your home or office: electric fields, magnetic fields, RF/Microwave/Smart Meter sources, Dirty Electricity, Stray voltage, and lighting. You also receive a report with what I find. A Deep EMF Assessment is an additional $75 every 30 minutes I spend assessing your home or office space.
Specialty Consultations. I offer Health and Lifestyle consultations over the phone, internet or in-person for many specific issues you may have that relate to your biology and biophysics for $60 every 30 minutes.

Contact me first to schedule a time that works for you

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3-hour Screen Wean Class
Solo: $295 for student
Groups: $200 per student with 3 or more students
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EMF Assessments*
​Standard: $295 (90 mins)
Deep: $75 per half-hour after Standard Assessment
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Specialty Consultations
Health, Lifestyle, Technology and Biology-based Coaching
​$60 per Half-hour

* Local Travel fees: $0, within 30 minutes travel time one direction, I do not charge. 

* Distant Travel fees: If I travel by car, I charge $20 per half-hour each direction to and from location. I can also fly to other States, and would need a person to partially

cover my travel expenses and airline fees (when I am available)


Contact Me First: Your New Lifestyle Starts Here

Please contact me by email or phone (425.381.1710) for your appointment time and specific desires /goals. 

ScreenWeaning and Consultations: I will plan a time and place that works best with you. I do not host ScreenWeaning courses online.

EMF Surveys: I will travel to your location and evaluate and identify your EMF issues and show ways to help resolve the problem. Cash, Paypal and Check accepted. You can pay after the EMF Survey has been completed.

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425 - 381 - 1710

Bend, Oregon

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